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Honeycraft specializes in providing exquisite varietal local honeys while focusing on promoting and revitalizing the ecology around us.

Based in Houston, TX, Honeycraft understands that bees are necessary to maintain the health and balance of our ecosystem. We place our apiaries in the places where they will not just harvest the best tasting local honey possible, but also where they will do the most good in stimulating growth.

Our Houston varietal comes from an assortment of flowers and plants along the Buffalo Bayou, and we partner often with organizations and schools to educate people on bee ecology and the art of beekeeping. We hold our other harvest locations to these same standards, whether they’re extracting Sourwood from the Georgia mountains or Tupelo in the swamps of the Florida panhandle.

We are a small group of restaurateurs, business owners, and explorers with a passion for delivering unique flavors while bettering our environment.

Depending on the nectar source, the flavor and color of different varietals of honey can differ noticeably. Even between different years, local honey from the same flowers can fluctuate depending on temperature or rainfall. Like wine, each batch is unique, and while general consistency can be expected out of each particular varietal, the jar you hold in your hand is a one-of-a-kind flavor.



A blend of local wildflower nectars from the shores of the Buffalo Bayou that creates a rich, darker, full-bodied honey

The pollen in this varietal can help combat local allergens

Buffalo Bayou honey is rich and sweet and goes well on granola, toast, or waffles, as well as adding a unique flavor to any tea


Tupelo honey is produced by the White Ogeechee tree exclusively in Northwest Florida, the only place in the world where it is commercially harvested

Tupelo is always light in color, with a light green tint showing when held to the light

Goes well in teas or with fruit


Sourwood honey is harvested from the white, bell-shaped flowers Sourwood tree in the southern Appalachian Mountains, predominantly in Georgia

It is noted for its simple initial flavor, with a very unique, and much more complex, aftertaste

Pairs well with rich cheeses and bread

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